Help: Error while opening Scrivener, and now my manuscript is 1,000 words shorter

I opened Scrivener (3.0 for Windows) today, and before the app came up, I saw a pop-up with this message:
“Could not copy/remove content, content styles and/or content comments for UUID: 27FC7C06-9526-454D-90D9-28CFF6C88FE8”

I had to press the OK button below it to get out of the pop-up, and once Scrivener opened, the manuscript I was working on was more than 1,000 words shorter than at the last count. I had worked in the app for iOS the night before for just a paragraph or two and then performed a sync. I’d never had a problem with syncing between the two, but now I wonder if that didn’t cost me four pages of material. What’s worse, I don’t know what’s missing without re-reading the 40k words that are left.

Is there a way to return the Windows ap to a state from before I worked in iOS and then try to sync again? Any other advice on how to recover that work?

Getting a backup and adding the most recent text that I had printed out from my iPhone seemed to work. I saved it as a new project just in case. The sync with iOS for the new project works thus far. Sorry about bugging you good folks.