Help! Everything is capitalized in screenplay!

Need some help…Imported about thirty-five pages of existing screenplay I had written in Final Draft 8. I copied and pasted each scene from Final Draft into Scrivener screenplay format document - broken down in about 20 scenes.

But now every word in every scene is in All CAPS whether action, dialogue, etc.

The paragraph breaks (line spacing between each section are there) but it seems Scrivener is treating everything as a “Scene Heading” I can change each section to “Action” “Character” “Dialogue” etc. and they are formatted properly in terms of spacing on the page, however all text remains in all caps.

Anyway to get back to initial caps in Action, Dialogue, etc.?

If I re-type new sentences it has initial caps, but do not want to re-type all 35 pages and worried it will capitalize everything again.
Like the way Scrivener allows me to move around, use corkboard, etc. but fear I have to just go back to final draft. Any help/fix?

That’s a major pain. Don’t know how to resolve your issue as such (maybe there is a better way to import the file, but I’m not a Final Draft user, so I don’t know), but you could get back a fair amount of the formatting by selecting the offending sentences/paragraphs and choosing Format > Convert > To Lowercase. This will kill capital letters at the start of sentences, names, etc, but they will be easier to sort out in isolation rather than having to retype everything.

But hopefully someone will come up with a better answer.

Does File > Import not work as you want/need?

Brian - Thanks so much! I re-imported the entire screenplay and capitlization problem is gone. It brought it in as one big document - but I can cut up into separate scenes easy enough. Doing the convert to lowercase also worked - but would have been a lot more work.
Thanks again for prompt response and help!

Good news. Happy to help.


Briar (not Brian) :smiley: