Help finding browser template window

I can’t find it. To save my writing life. The manual notes that the template can be changed if you go to the “browser template window,” but doesn’t say HOW to get to the browser template window.

I do see options for creating new templates. But not for editing an existing one. What I’m trying to do is change the address header that’s automatically inserted on each page of a compiled document.

Thanks for any help you can give.

You’ll have to start with the project from which you made the template (or create a new project from that template). Then delete the template from the chooser window, and then save the project as a template again.

To get to the template window, choose File->New Project, or close all Scrivener windows (but don’t use Scrivener->Quit Scrivener.) The “Options” button on the window is where you can find the delete function for your custom templates.