Help Finding Compile Custom Format Test Button

I’m in “Get It Out There > Compiling the Draft” and it says “The gear button above the list on the left allows you to set the file formats that will work with your Compile format. The “Test…” button allows you to test your settings.”

I can’t seem to find the test button anywhere. Any help is appreciated!!! :smiley:

The Gear button is here:
Annotation 2020-01-27 140921.png

I also, don’t see a test button either in the new format creation or in the pre-built compile dialog. Basically, you run it and see what happens.

FWIW, there is still reference to Mac-specific stuff in the Tutorial: “10. Click “Compile”, and again open the results in Preview.” Preview is the generic viewer for files and such on the Mac and has no counterpart in Windows. You would have to open the file in the associated program.

That will work, thank you!