Help! Font size suddenly changed to an unreadable miniscule size and can't change it back

Windows 10. Don’t know what I did. Was going along find then I tried to insert a some dashes between paragraphs when suddenly the font went so tiny it’s unreadable. Changing the font or font sizes only helps a tiny bit. This happened to all the sections of my manuscript at once!

I’m a newbie and I’m sure I caused this. I just don’t know how or how to fix it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’m on mac, but here’s a suggestion to try: Might you have inadvertently hit the zoom button?

On mac, cmd+< and cmd+> zooms the text in and out in the editor.

It does get me every time, because to my knowledge those buttons are meant for cycling open app window/documents in every other Mac app I own. So before I realized the true purpose of that shortcut, I very much found myself ending up like you, looking at text whose size had changed for no reason…

Don’t know if the Windows menus look the same as on Mac, but could you check VIEW > ZOOM and see what zoom level you have there?

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Thanks, Amber! Not sure if I accidentally hit the keyboard commands for Zoom , but View - Zoom In does increase the font size now so you’re probably right! Thanks for your help.

There is also a zoom scale readout on the left hand side of the footer bar, below the main editor. It’ll read in percentages, with around 135% being what should feel normal. You can click on that to jump straight to any level of magnification, rather than guessing with the shortcuts.