Help - Footnotes not in place

Hi there,

I’m trying to compile a translation from Scrivener to Word (deadline: now, as usual!). I have some 20 or so footnotes in Scriv file, I just want to have them in the docx file as footnotes, but I can’t get them in place - they are embedded in text, and the result is quite confusing.

I have been playing a little with settings in Compile (see last version in jpg image attached) with no success.
This already happened since updating to 2.5, but it was juts a couple of footnotes (embedded in text) so i fixed it in Word and bye-bye.

Now I’m a bit worried – Surely I’m missing something obvious here, please could you help me?


Just out of curiosity, have you tried using RTF instead? Since you are using Word, the result is just as good. What I’m wondering about is whether if for some reason the Java converter that takes Scrivener’s RTF file and turns it into a DOCX is failing. The way this is designed to work, if for some reason that fails it falls back to the OS X converter, which isn’t capable of using footnotes, and will print them in text as a fallback, just like you describe.

Bravo, Ioa!

Setting to ‘compile for RTF’ and opening the file with MS Word just did the magic :slight_smile: . Footnotes (and Comments – 'cause the problem affected the Comments too) are back in the place they belong to.

Many thanks,