Help! Footnotes

Hello all,

I know this is a really basic question, but I can’t seem to find a straightforward explanation of how footing works in Scrivener. I have tried adding footnotes (selecting a piece of text, adding footnote, and putting the footnote text in the bubble in the inspector bar), but only some of them end up in my Word document once it is “compiled.” I cannot figure out why that is.

Little help?


Are the “bubbles” all grey, or are some of the shaded yellow/red/etc?

All gray. It is really strange. One works fine, and inline footnotes work fine (once compiled,) but if I insert a footnote where the text is actually in the inspector bar, it only sometimes actually compiles. Some are left out.

Could you check your compile settings in the Footnotes/Comments pane, and make sure both inline and inspector footnotes are set to export somehow? Is one exporting perhaps as endnotes, and thus not getting noticed?

If you can create a test project for me that replicates this problem, every time you compile, send it to (support AT literatureandlatte DOT com).

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