Help for IoS and IPad

I work am working across an Apple MacBook Air and an iPad. Will I need to purchase two different versions and if I do, can they be linked?

The macOS and the iOS/iPadOS version are two different purchases. You can sync your projects via Dropbox.

I thought so, is it a simple operation?

Thank you

Once configured, synchronization is pretty straightforward. Full setup instructions can be found here:

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Just make sure you religiously save and close Scrivener on one device before you try and use it on the other. I have to admit, I find it quite irritating and as careful as I am, get ‘sync issue’ messages a lot. I don’t think I’ve ever lost anything, though.
I’m trying again as I’ve abandoned Scrivener several times, using my iPad Pro more than any other device. I want to love Scrivener, I see its potential, but the way Ulysses and Dabble manage multiple device usage so easily always makes me want to move away.

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I agree on the sync issues. And while I understand that there are historic reasons for using Dropbox I do believe that other sync engines like OneDrive should be available for multi device usage. I write that with all respect because I am not a developer and have no real idea how complex it is to make sync work.

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It’s quite complex, especially when the thing that you’re syncing is a complex object like a Scrivener project.

The technical issues have been discussed at length elsewhere, but the fundamental problem is that only Dropbox provides a programming interface that allows application-level control over the upload and download operations, and therefore only Dropbox allows us to reliably synchronize Scrivener projects.

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