Help for Newbie, pls!!?

Is there a Scrivener for Dummies ?

I’m not even sure how to frame my question…so I don’t know what topic or area of the Manual to look for an answer in.
I’ve been sort of successfully using the program by just jumping-into-the-pool; starting to adapt the Manuscript model into a Trial format for myself…rather successfully. I usually leave the program open on my computer. LOVE that instant Save feature!!

But - every so often when I go to drag it around the Desktop, I must hit something in the top Toolbar which changes the 3-pane viewer into a 2-pane view, effectively masking my left column full of all of my Folders and Files and the center panel, replacing them with a clear ‘page’ in the center across the left and center. And I can bring back the left column to ‘Binders’ but that’s just an empty list of nothingness.

A two-fold question:
1 - How do I restore my program? I’ve accidentally gotten it back in the past but don’t know what I’ve finally hit on to do it (so cannot replicate it at will), and

2 - what is it that I’m clicking or dragging across up there which is making this happen, so I can avoid it in future!!???

I need my Folders & FIles back as this is a court-mandated schedule I’m working against - HELP!!
(Pretty Please, with Sugar on top…)

You need to post this in the Technical Support forum, or it may not get picked up by the right people. Alternatively, email tech support.

Cheers, Martin.

The far left button on the toolbar, that looks like a binder, is what toggles the binder on and off. It could be you’re just clicking that by accident when you go to drag the window. Alternatively, if that button isn’t visible, the View/Layout/Show (Hide) Binder menu command.

Thank you! I’ve forwarded this/these question(s) to Tech Support; they’ve been quick to respond in the past. I thought that this was a pretty amateurish thing I was doing and didn’t want to bother them (or admit to my ineptness!) It felt far safer to do it here!
Thx again for your Overnight Courier Express Delivery! I expect to be back working on my case shortly!