Help for the computer (somewhat) illiterate

Dumb question of the day #23,008:

I’m playing around with Scrivener, and very much enjoy how Chapters and Scenes are broken up.

However, I must be doing something wrong, because whenever I add a new folder for a chapter, none of the nice formatting from the first chapter folder carries over, and I have no idea how to make it automatically do this.

Do I have to manually insert the info/formatting, or can I make it do it itself?


There are no silly questions :slight_smile:

The default Chapter folder and so on are part of the template, not of the program - they’re just a section with ‘Preserve formatting’ set to on. I find the quickest way do it when working with the Novel template is to keep that original folder up top as a reference, then just copy/paste it in the binder each time I want to add a new chapter, and rename the copy. The auto-numbering will take care of the rest. :slight_smile:


Marcus is telling porky pies. Of course there are silly questions. They`re called vic-k questions :blush:

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Ah, but vic-k queries aren’t silly questions, they’re … le ridicule question … there’s a difference :open_mouth:

(1) Go to the folder that already has the formating.
(2) Highlight it. Right click (control+click on 1 button mouse).
(3) Bring up contextual menu.
(4) Select duplicate

Now you have a duplicate folder that retains all the formatting of the original.

snot fair :frowning: Im fed up now

Ah, thanks so much!