Help: Formatting Changed for Part of a Scene

I think I’ve had this problem before, but don’t remember the cause:

I’m finishing my book, and in a final proofreading stage, I found that one scene had formatting that changed mid-scene.

In this image, the red-outlined inset shows that the first two paragraphs of the scene are correctly formatted. Then, the next paragraph has no indent and has a blank line between paragraphs. This continues for a few paragraphs, then (on the next page) reverts to the correct formatting. You’ll notice there’s no compile as is nor a preserve formatting involved.

Anyone know why that happened??



P.S. I solved this by copying the text to OpenOffice and back again, but I’d still like to know what happened so that improperly formatted text doesn’t appear in my final ebook.


To trace and fix this issue we would need a project to reproduce the problem. If you experience this problem again, please copy the project, remove all unnecessary documents(leaving only the document causing the problem), and send the project to Scrivener for Windows Desktop support team. This would be the best way to reproduce, investigate and fix the problem you describe. Sorry for the problem, and glad you have found a workaround to fix it.

Thanks, Tiho,

I restored a backup that had the issue, deleted all but the problem scene, confirmed that the problem occurs, and zipped up the project.

I didn’t know the email address for the support team, so I just attached the file here. (293 KB)

Looking at your file with Show Invisibles on, I see you’ve got different paragraph endings for that part of the text and the double line feed is in your original (did it come from a different program?). I’d change them to the normal ones and see what happens…

Sorry, not in a position to insert a screenshot just now.

Thanks TromboneAl! I have downloaded the project and forwarded it to support team to investigate it further.

Hi TromboneAl,

The problem is just what was mentioned upthread, that a few paragraphs in the text are using double line breaks (newlines) rather than a regular carriage return, so they’re not formatted as new paragraphs with paragraph indentation. You can see the difference in the symbols if you turn on Format > Options > Show Invisibles:

Replacing these with carriage returns will fix the problem. If you’re encountering this through multiple documents in the project, you may want to run a full project replacement to correct it (use Shift+Return for the line break character, and Ctrl+Return to add a regular carriage return in the replacement field).

Ah, good. Thanks.

Those must have crept in when moving text in from Google Keep.

That Project Replace is a scary option. That is, it does its thing for the whole project with no indication of what happened (how many replacements) no way to undo it.

I have some questions about this and I’ll start a new topic on it.

I’ve found a better way to find these newlines. The project/replace is too dangerous, and often there are some valid newlines that you wouldn’t want to replace.

To fine the errant newlines, compile to a DOCX file, then open it with a word processor and search for all instances of \n (with regular expressions on).