HELP! Formatting Issues!

Hello everyone,

I’m hoping someone here can help me. When I started my book, I didn’t really know how to use scrivener. I finished my book, trying to format it correctly for paperback and kindle, but the indention point in my paragraphs are all disjointed and just off.

My question is, is there an easy, quick way of fixing over 44 chapters worth of indention formatting in a novel? HELP!!!

It really depends on why the paragraphs are coming out inconsistent. Did you use the TAB key to indent some paragraphs, but allowed the indent paragraph settings to do the indentation in other places? That can make the paragraph indents pretty wibbly-wobbly. The solution to removing those tab characters is to use Edit-Find->Project Replace and type CTRL-TAB into the Replace pane and leave the “with” pane blank. Be sure to back up your project first before doing anything this drastic (File->Back Up->Back Up To…).

If that’s not it, then maybe your paragraph settings are different from document to document. You can fix that in scrivener, or just let a compile setting override your paragraph settings on the output, leaving your original text unchanged. Try selecting Paperback Novel, or Standard Manuscript Format as a starting point, depending on your needs, and adjust as you see fit.