Help help help. Please give me the IDIOT version

for printing up my “project.” (aka 4th unpublishable novel)

It’s in my drafts folder, 83 documents, creatively labeled “Scene 1, Scene 2,…Scene 83.”

I just need to have a hard copy to read through and scribble on in one go.

I have NEVER used the Compile Draft Scriv feature. Don’t have a clue how, but of course I could learn to–and will have to, I suppose, at some point. ( I have Word on my Mac, and hate it with a passion.) Or should I just use “Scrivenings” to string the files together–would I be able to “unstring” them afterwards back to their original format for on-screen editing? I know I could always print them up singly, document by document, but that might take ages.

I would like to have sequential page numbers, because I am sure to drop the whole pile on the floor at some point, or knock it over after my fourth martini.

Just point me in the right direction, and I will be fine. :smiley:

If it is just for basic printing, I would suggest you start with the following:

  1. Make sure everything you want printed is in draft folder, and preferably, nothing else.
  2. Go to “Compile Draft”
  3. For the time being, leave all of the default settings exactly the way they are.
  4. Click Print.
  5. Bottom-left corner, choose ‘PDF -> Save as PDF’.

Once you have created the PDF, look at it and see if it is what you want.

If there is anything wrong, let us know, and we will tell you what you need to change to make it not wrong.

Lovely, Matt. :slight_smile: Thank you! Now I will not get round to actually trying this till early next week. First I have to figure out how to load up and plug in the secondhand Brother laser printer I bought for just this occasion last summer. That should take me the weekend. So you’ll hear my screams of despair sometime Monday or Tuesday. Be forewarned.


I’m sure they’ll be mellifluous.


Wish you well. What kind of Brother printer? I bought a HL-5040 (laser) five years ago and it has worked flawlessly, first with an eMac with OS X 10.4 and now MacBook Pro with OS X 10.5.7. Best personal printer I have ever used.

Mine is also a 5040, exie, and I’ve yet to use it. I bought it off Craig’s List many months ago, foreseeing the day when I might actually need to print up a fairly large project. Mirabile dictu, that day has come! No one is more shocked than I, believe me. :unamused:

Dave, you are very kind. Fluos, yes, but melli, there might be some debate. :laughing:

Hugh, where are you?? I am wrapping up both those books you recommended this weekend, both very helpful–many thanks again. Daughter has managed, through divine intervention on the part of my late and celestially gin-soaked mummy, to avoid the threatened surgery and is doing well. We are all over the moon, needless to say. Help me God, now she wants another horse. May I send her to you and your friend? :wink:

And vic-k, if you manage to get this far, is that lovely wife of yours keeping you properly in line? How is she coming along? My very best to her (and you, of course, and might I mention, it is very DRY here in NJ these days…)

I have serious love for my Brother laser printer. Cheap, fast, sharp.

Unfortunately, our cat Bud loves it too – it’s the heat, I think, especially when it’s printing. He comes running every time I hit command-P. This wasn’t so bad until he learned to hit the test button, and started printing pages himself. I came home to 35 pages (same one over and over) spread all over the floor, and Bud passed out on top of the pile, looking like Hemingway at the end of the night. Apparently trying to teach me a lesson about the environmental hazards of always-on machines.

Sean, that is charming!

Tell us . . . can you get Bud to edit, too?


Charming is the word. Bud needs to be a youtube star. :slight_smile:

I need to borrow Bud. I am assuming he is stone deaf. Because I got this thing up and running (not connected to my computer yet, but it will print a test sheet if I press the button HARD) and boy is it NOISY. It makes a great THUNK just before it prints the page. I’m wondering if the drum is not set properly, though it seems to be printing fine. It told me at first that it needed more toner (blinking light) and I was furious because the fellow I bought it from assured me it had been used very little, but then the light went off and it printed another test sheet fine.

I hate new machinery. It’s as bad as dating, or getting a new baby horse. :stuck_out_tongue:


Delighted to find I´m not the only technically illiterate person using Scrivener! Your query made me laugh out loud - so I´m looking forward to reading the novel! best wishes, Rose Vivian

You’re very kind, Rose. Believe me, nobody is as technically illiterate as I am, and I have a cast of thousands here to vouch for that fact.

I did NOT get to holler and rant re. the interface between my computer and new printer today, as my son is home from college for the summer, so instead of fighting with the hardware, I did 17 loads of laundry and repacked a dozen boxes to ship back up to school with him next fall. In return for this we have the great privilege of sharing his high-definition TV, fancy surround-sound speakers, and overwhelming personal presence (the little monster is 6’5"–by comparison I am a mere 5’4" and shrinking rapidly) for the next three long months.

You win some, you lose some. :unamused:


This is completely off topic, and probably inappropriate, but I humbly suggest that the tall fellow be made to do his own laundry! :wink:

I know too many people in their late twenties who are put off by basic household tasks such as laundry and cooking and tidying up, due to lack of practice or the assumption that it’s someone else’s job to do it for them. As a former roommate and former girlfriend, often frustrated by the inability or unwillingness of friends or significant others to adapt to a mother-free yet sanitary lifestyle, I implore you, don’t add another to their ranks!


I agree with the concept but wonder about the result. There was a time when folks paid others to some of these tasks for them. There was the local cleaner, the handyman, the neighborhood lawn boy, the maid, etc. I look around at the completely unqualified folks doing what amounts to nothing and wonder if it would not be better for us to go back to an time when folks really worked for their bread.

So yes, teach him laundry, and cooking, and auto care, and everything else, but encourage him to frequent the local merchant for those tasks for which he has no stomach.

Then again, I would probably be one of those stuck having to work…

That’s true, Jaysen. But I think there’s a difference between throwing in a load of basic whites oneself, or being able to cook a meal without the microwave, and taking a treasured suit off to the dry cleaners or having a carpenter fix that crumbling door frame. Some things are meant to be more specialised, and for that we have useful local people, but some things are just basic life skills.

I think I should make it clear that this digression, while inspired by a comment by Mollys Mum, is not intended to make assumptions about her son or their family life or anything like that. For all I know he could be a domestic productivity god. It was just a trigger that got me off on a bit of a pet rant :slight_smile:

With you there. Both kids learned the ways of the kitchen, laundry, basic auto mechanics, and the carpentry shop by 10. We are now working on agriculture (both horticulture and animal husbandry) and long term preservation of materials (meats, vegetables and other natural products like logged lumber). Most of this is just about fun, learning the “how” and “why” of the world, and finding healthier ways to live.

The idea that molly’s mum would raise an oaf is almost as unbelievable as the idea of vic-k behaving himself in public. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d totally loan him to you, but then you’d have to take Jack too, and then who would stare at me creepily ALL DAY LONG?

The printer is really loud, I’ll give you that. Like, biker loud. And I’m not sure about a thunk, but you can definitely hear everything click into place at the beginning of printing. Fortunately for me, the noise has a side-benefit: it gets Bud back inside when he’s made a dash for the door. I got him back that way just this weekend – he was three balconies over, lolling in the sun, but came running when he heard the roar of the Brother’s motor.

Jesus, I’m telling cat stories now. I need to get out more.

Ah, this has morphed into a lovely thread. :smiley:

Plett & Jason, let me assure you both that Devin is neither a domestic productivity god nor an oaf. :laughing: The truth is somewhere in between. He does do his own laundry–I have to confess I am the guilty party here, and actually had to ask him if I could do his because I am a total control freak who wants to get started on corralling her printer into work on my revisions and the idea of piles and piles of Devin’s laundry blocking my way was just too much for my grasp on reality—faltering as it is–to bear.

He also got a job last summer picking up garbage and otherwise “beautifying” the streets of Jersey City and Newark (which you will appreciate, Jaysen) and when I asked him with some trepidation, “Dev, isn’t that what convicts do?” he informed me that I was absolutely right and within a week he was promoted to supervising them. It helps that, having grown up in the 'hood (aka an integrated neighborhood) he considers himself of a different ethnic origin than his father and I.

So yes, he can be a lazy teenage bum, and he requires three dinners a night, but given the fact we only have a couple of years (actually summers) left with him in residence, I am happy to wait on him hand and foot–which embarrasses him no end–in exchange for the pleasure of his company. :slight_smile:

(I had to contain myself when we went to fetch him home from college last weekend. I found him in the kitchen of his “mod” (a two-storey “apartment” he shares with 7 other large male students–basically his basketball team) frantically scrubbing the stove and cleaning the insides of cupboards. His roommates were vacuuming and hauling discarded furniture to the dumpster. I asked what drugs they were on and could they send some home please? The place was immaculate by the time they left. This is a group that cooks gourmet meals for each other and rumor has it throws the best parties on campus. The mind boggles. (In my day it was Alice B. Toklas brownies, and we didn’t care what we ate during or afterwards. :laughing: )

But ANYWAY, back to the important core of this thread. Thank you, Sean, for your reassurance, and can’t you just take a picture–or better yet, a photocopy–of Jack and prop it up on your desk? Bud and he are sure to get on famously with Aurora, my resident bunny, who is bound and determined to chew through the power cord of this printer and silence it forever.

Cats, dogs, horses, bunnies. What else makes life worthwhile? Certainly not sitting and staring at a blank screen until beads of blood appear on our foreheads. :unamused:

I can relate to that! Although in my case compulsive household tidying is more about procrastination than anything else. When I have a daunting project, suddenly the dusting I’ve neglected for months seems downright urgent. Reorganising my tupperware cabinet never seemed so pressing as when I was supposed to be researching a paper for family law last year.

Omigod, Plette, we are cut of the same cloth! Let me just tell you how AGGRAVATING the mold on the grout in my shower has suddenly become! I can hardly bear to look at it. It requires immediate and aggressive and time-consuming attention.

Do you have any extra toothbrushes lying around you might be inclined to lend me? I can have my son come pick them up if he ever passes his driver’s license test.