Help! Help!

My apologies for Offtopicing here, but my iMac has just died, and I’m using my wife’s Win 7 laptop. I have no need of a free full Office Suit, like OpenOffice, if there’s an easy to use, uncluttered Word Processor out there. Have any of our regular Win using buddies any suggestions. I’m not enamoured of the MSWorks WP. Apologies once again for intruding. :blush:

Take a look at WordPad. Kind of a Textedit on steroids. It might get you most of what you need.

I use Open Office. It’s not as bloaty as word. (Or whatever the Open Office people are calling themselves these days.)

Take a look at Jarte. It’s what I used most often back in pre-Mac days. It’s pretty straightforward, it’s more nearly Mac-like than most W programs, and it’s cheap. There’s even a free version.


Thank you gentlemen, all. I’ve downloaded jarte, and I’ve had another look at the MS Works WP, and it doesn’t look as iffy as I thought on first perusing.

Jarte is what I would have recommended as well. It uses the WordPad RTF engine, but has a much better user interface. It is the “Bean” of the Windows world.

Jarte has taken over Ange’s laptop, as WP-in Residence. Received a RTF email att. from PJS last night, dragged to desktop, et voila! RTF doc, with Jarte logo on it. So yeah, Jarte it is.
Take care

Lovely how programs do that. I can no longer install fonts on my computer, because FontForge has assigned all OTF fonts to itself.

Keep in mind what amounts to a tragic inconvenience for the tech-deities, is a life saver to those of the less deified tech skills.

Just a thought.