Help: How do I color quoted text in already entered text

Hi: I use Scrivener to help grade student essays. Many times, students use an overabundance of quotes, usually unnecessary ones. Can Scrivener do the following?

  1. Adjust word count so that quoted text is ignored?
  2. Find all quoted text and highlight it or color it?

Thanks for any help!

I don’t see how any software package could possibly work out what constitutes a quotation rather than “normal” text. Text within inverted commas is not necessarily a quotation – as you can see from my use of them around the word “normal”. Text in a “blockquote” type of paragraph might also not be a quotation. I would guess that you would need to get your students to format quotations in a special way (using a particular font, for example, that is not used elsewhere in the text) and then search for that. Either way, it seems to me that some sort of human input is required to work out what is a quotation and what is not.


Thank you for your very “helpful” reply. In my course, students do not use block quotes and do not use quote marks over dubious words.

The only way you can make scrivener ignore words that are part of a longer document is to split them out into separate documents, and then uncheck the “include in compile” option for the quote. But that wouldn’t be an automatic thing; you’d have to locate the beginning of the quote, split, then find the spot after the end of the quote and split again. That’s all going to be manual work for you.

I’ve never heard of any software that can figure out what a quote is, let alone exclude them from word counts, so you may be stuck doing this by hand, no matter what.

Thanks for your reply. I was able to make a macro in TextMate to do this. But thanks again.