Help! How Do I Use Templates

I want to use the provided character template for all my characters, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do it. I used it for one character, and for some reason, I can’t produce a blank template for the next character. Help!

Hello Urani,
Best to leave the blank character template there. Right mouse on it and select duplicate, and then drag or use cursor key to move your new character template to where you want it; now it’s ready to fill in with your character’s details.
As you have used it, just do this in reverse and put a copy back, leaving the original, then delete the details to leave it blank ready to copy for the next character.
Good luck with your writing.

Thanks! I had no idea you could do that.

Thanks shass. I had the same problem and I think I can use your idea duplicating the template.

But, reading Scrivener’s manual for Mac I found there’s an option “ADD / New from template”… more simple. Do you know is this option is also available for windows?