Help! How to Add a link from one document to the next?


I want to link something near the front of my book to the very back of my book while in Scrivener. I know you can use “Scrivener link” to easily link them but those links don’t work once you compile into .mobi. Is there away to link within a document while in Scrivener and have the links still work once I’ve compiled it into .mobi for kindle? I can’t find anything on how to do this or if it’s even possible.

Thanks in advance for your help!

That isn’t possible to do at this time (it won’t always be so). Cross-referencing is something you’ll need to do in the post-compile phase. With Mobi the best approach is to start with ePub since that format is much easier to edit with tools like Sigil and Calibre around, then when the final polish is complete, you can convert the ePub to Mobi (an easy way to do that is to simply open the ePub in Kindle Previewer). Calibre can do the conversion as well, but I recommend reading up on how best to do so in conjunction with uploading .mobis to Amazon, if that is the intent. The default settings for Mobi conversion are more suited to individual use, rather than publication.