HELP! hyperlinks not exporting to PDF in (v 3.1.4)

Hello, I’ve been using Scrivener for many years, and was slow to upgrade to version 3. But now that I’ve got it, I’ve just tried exporting my Comic Script Template file to PDF and it is removing all the hyperlinks.

I’m still a little confused by the changes in version 3, but, the only thing I can see in the settings that would seem to affect this situation is the preference that says “remove all hyperlinks” but I have that option un-checked (see screenshot).

I’m on a deadline, and this is an essential feature I’ve been using in Scrivener, suddenly gone. What can I do to keep the hyperlinks intact?

I’ve solved the issue.

The links were indeed being embedded, they just weren’t colored and underlined.

If anyone else runs into this problem, I went into the settings and changed it as follows:

IMO that’s a really confusing experience, I’d suggest in future versions defaulting to those settings, and if someone wants them removed or changed, then let them go ahead. But without the links being visually indicated in some fashion, it’s hard to know they’re even there!

Well, now, it depends on your use case. As a fiction writer, I have little use for active, visible links in a PDF, as the only time I produce a PDF is to send it to a print-on-demand service. Active links in that case would be pretty silly. But, by all means make a request for different defaults in the Wish List forum! The developer may take pity on you. :smiley:

I don’t think you’re properly characterizing the scenario I’m describing. The scenario I’m describing is where links ARE active … but the fact that they are active links is inexplicably … hidden.

What seems silly to me is having a PDF filled with active links … but having them hidden.