Help! I can't add a footnote

I’m in the habit of putting my editorial notes in footnotes to the text—so I’ve a lot of experience with them.

But now I’m stuck. When I put the cursor where I want a footnote to go the footnote/comment option in the Inspector is greyed out.

I should also note that I’m constantly getting the spinning ball with most any move I make.

This file is 2.25 GB in size.

Scrivener 3, MacBook Air 2015, OS High Sierra. 160 GB available on the hard drive. 8 GB RAM.

2.25 GB is fairly hefty. How is it broken down? Do you have a lot of small text documents plus some big research files? Or do you have a massive text document with embedded images? Or something else?

Does the Insert -> Footnote command work?


Thank you, Katherine. It’s a big project. I deleted some hefty research files (after moving them to another Scrivener project) and that reduced it to 236 MB. It’s now taking footnotes and not throwing up the spinning ball with every click. So I learned! :smiley:


The Import -> Research Files as Aliases command is also helpful in these situations.


Hi All (esp Katherine),

For a time, my Scrivener 3 file behaved. But now it’s back to being difficult to work with. Often a simple cursor move results in the spinning beachball.

The file is 332 MB, greatly slimmed down from what it was. Is this too big a file for Scrivener?

What do you suggest?

Cheers, Sandra