Help! I can't find help!

I tried to find the Scrivener Manual, without opening Scrivener. I think it’s impossible. (given that I don’t know what directory it’s in, nor what the file name is.) Maybe it’s Window’s’ fault, because I even tried searching my entire hard disk for filenames containing the string ‘scriv’ without success.
Sure, I’m probably doing it wrong.
Eventually I started Scrivener, but even the ‘new project’ screen does not have a Help link. So I had to create a new blank project, before I could finally use the Help menu. Ugh.

The New Project window that opens when no projects are open has a “Getting Started” section. Under that, there’s the Scrivener User Manual. Once it’s open, you can save it off to your Documents folder (you can also download it from the Lit & Lat support page). Just keep in mind that it gets updated with every release of Scrivener, so any copies you make are going to be outdated at some point.

If you did not change the default location when you installed Scrivener, it will be either in your user Documents directory, if you installed from a standard account, or in Program Files if installed from an administrator count. On a 64-bit machine, it will be Program Files (x86). The Scrivener manual is a PDF file, contained within the “resources” directory inside the Scrivener installation directory.

As Robert said, though, the easiest way of accessing the user manual is to launch Scrivener, then just choose the user manual from the screen that opens. The Getting Started area also lets you open the Interactive Tutorial, which we recommend everyone go through as a way of getting familiar with Scrivener before beginning your own project.

This forum is the best. By which I mean the people who participate.

Those instructions seem a little complicated, for someone who needs help. Definitely more than two clicks. Maybe next time the install process gets updated, it could create a link right there in the start menu. Although I’m probably the only one who ever had this problem!
Thanks again.