Help. I can't get the code.

I purchased the program after nanowrimo for 50% great! Thanx. Problem is, I am unable to enter a registration code because I wasn’t sent one. I checked with my credit card company and the $19:99 had gone through. I’m concerned because I’m working on the 30 day trial copy and don’t want to lose my work. help!

Paloma, did you get an Email as Order Confirmation?

I had a look at my order from years ago, it came from sales (ä t) literatureandlatte (dot) com. The license code was sent with this Email.

Have a look at your spam folder too.


Send David an e-mail at sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com and include the e-mail address and full name you used to purchase. David will be able to re-send out the order confirmation with the serial number. Be sure to check that there’s nothing from sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com in your spam folder, too, because the order confirmation e-mails are auto-generated so could mistakenly be detected as spam I suppose.

All the best,