Help! I get a blank page when I compile


When I try to compile my 9 files in a binder, the end result is I get a blank docx page.
I use windows 7.

Please help.


Could you describe your setup a bit further? There are just so many possible things you could be doing here that it is difficult to determine what could be wrong. Tell us how you have things organised in your Draft folder, what preset you are using in the Format As drop-down in compile, how many words you have according to project statistics, etc.

In my draft directory, I have 2 folders (2 different articles), each having 10 individual files inside them.

Each folder is around 9000 words.

What I was trying to do is I wanted to print only the 1st article, so I click on the 1st folder, and I get the cork board view, and then click Compile.

Then I choose Format as Custom, and docx.

That is what I’m doing.

I do not wish to print the entire content Draft folder everytime.

Hope that helps.

Okay, you can do this. The compiler is set up so you can use Scrivener for articles rather easily. You’ll need to expand the compile interface though. Click that blue arrow to the right of the “Custom” label, and then view the Contents option pane. At the top of this, you’ll find a selector that is set to Draft. Just change that to your first article. The compiler does not automatically react to your current selection in the binder—because in many cases that would be meaningless as the selection might not even be in the draft.

All right, as for why you have no content, it might be your Formatting settings are not including any text material for some reason. That would be strange since what you describe is a fairly orthodox setup that the built-in settings generally do accommodate. I’d check the Formatting compile option pane as well and make sure that there are checkboxes in the “Text” column.

Thanks I will try.

The thing is I used to be able to compile just fine, and then I started getting blanks.


OK; I tried and I only get the Draft listed, and not the folders…

Secondly, I cant find that Formatting Pane.

Well, the only thing I can think of off the top of my head is that at some point you accidentally moved the article folders out of the Draft folder. When you click on the Draft in the binder, do you see anything in the corkboard view at all?

The Formatting compile option pane has the little blue pilcrow icon dot. It’s third down from the top of the list when using RTF. But if the Contents list is empty or doesn’t have your article folders in the selection menu then Formatting probably isn’t the problem (it would have surprised me if it was as no default settings omit all output elements—you would have had to have changed it yourself—and I’d be even more surprised at this point since you’ve never used it before). So it’s probably just that your articles are out in the research area of the binder.

When you click on the Draft in the binder, do you see anything in the corkboard view at all?


But I see the 2 folders just below the Draft on the menu on the left.

OK! So your guess was right.
I put them out of Draft somehow…
Now compile works!


Now I can compile, but I somehow cannot compile individual folders.

What I get is all the folders one after the other??

That’s what the drop-down menu at the top of the Contents compile pane is for, as mentioned above.

OK Got it now! Thnx!