Help! I lost my book!


I was introduced to Scrivener due to the fact that it was installed upon a used laptop that I bought. Well, last week, that laptop died and since I had been seeing death-signs for a while I had successfully backed up all of my data - including my Scrivener project files.

But the version installed on my laptop must have been an older version or something because when I downloaded the trial version of (the latest) Scrivener and tried to open my project files - all my chapters were blank.

What do I do? I have part of the book in a Word file but I wrote a whole l lot in scriv and was counting on being able to open my project files when I installed Scrivener on a new computer. Any suggestions?

How did you backup the project? And how did you transfer it to the new computer?

Also, do you still have access to the old computer?

If all the chapters were blank, but the Binder structure is there, the most likely reason is that you have the .scrivx file – Scrivener’s master index file – but not the component files that actually contain your work. To have a working project, you need the entire Project.scriv folder, and particularly the Files/Docs subfolder.