Help: I want to print everything (draft, research, etc)

So I am trying to compile every document I have attached to this file and to print it all out at once. The problem is when I compile the document it does not include the research or the subfolders under the research. Even when I select the research folder to print it will print the heading but not the file itself. I literally just want to print the entire file. Is that possible and how? It does not seem to be easy to do and hitting select all + compile does not accomplish this goal.


It’s not possible to print the entire project, as the project may very well contain stuff that your printer cannot handle, like audio files of interviews or what have you. :slight_smile: This extends to other formats you would think could be printed, but Scrivener does not support, as combining these files (like PDFs) into a document is impossible. But you can compile all of the text (stuff you can edit in Scrivener) in the project:

  1. Use the View/Collections/Show Collections command.
  2. Click the + button in the tab header area to create a new collection. Call it whatever you wish.
  3. Click on the Binder tab to return to it and hit Cmd-A to select everything.
  4. Hold down the Option key and drag the selection into this new collection you created. This will add all of the selected items including all of their children, which means that all of the outline will be used, even if you can’t see it all in the Binder.
  5. Now use File/Compile… and click on the Contents compile option pane.
  6. From the drop-down menu at the top of the contents list, select the collection that you just created (it will be toward the very bottom of that menu).

All right, now you can print. All non-eligible media will be stripped out of the list for you, so like I say, you won’t be printing pictures, PDFs, web pages, multimedia and all that.

Thank you for the reply. I spent an hour banging my head against a desk while trying to compile the text of my draft with my research pdfs to print. Thanks for the pertinent response.

You’re welcome. Sorry it was difficult. It’s pretty out of the way, because compiling non-Draft material isn’t a common thing that people do. So it requires combining a few features together.