Help: Images Converted to PNG?!!

I hope I’m wrong about this:

I’m about to publish my Kindle book that contains 42 photographs.

I just noticed that Scrivener converted them all to PNG files!

This means that not only do I have the disadvantage of lossy compression of the images, but I do not get the actual size advantage of the jpg format. The PNG files in that result from Scrivener compilation are 21 Megabytes in size, whereas the originals jpgs are only 2.6 Meg.

I’m guessing Kindlegen is going to reconvert them to jpg, so I will lose more image quality.

Note that if my MOBI file is larger because of this, I will have to pay a higher delivery charge for every download.

Please tell me what is going on, and what I can do to fix it.



As far as I can tell, the conversion is actually happening as part of inserting the image in the text rather than specifically during the compile stage, although however the compile accesses the information from the files will result in PNG images as well, presumably from the same root cause. I’ve filed a bug report for this, as the JPG images should be preserved on compile as you say. (This happens not just for ebooks, by the by, but for any format that exports images separately.)