Help Images not compiling


This is the first book I am writing using Scrivner, and so far so good…however, this book is about photography, and all of a sudden on my last Compile, Mylio did not output my images in Word. All tho images have been added using insert images, which I was told was one of two ways to do it.

I am panicked. The book probably has 100 images, most are small in size,

A few common things I can think of:

  • Are the images linked to files elsewhere on the disk, and if so have those files moved recently? Links are hard-coded, so the original files (it doesn’t matter where the project is) need to stay where they are, and named as they were when originally linked. You’ll know if links are broken if you get an icon in your editor instead of an image preview.
  • Did you test in Word itself? Some programs, particularly those based on the Mac text engine, such as TextEdit (the default editor), cannot handle embedded images. On that score, what happens if you compile to HTML and PDF as a test?
  • Make sure the image format is something Word supports. Test with some PNG and JPG files if you aren’t already using those formats, and see if that works better.

Here are my answers thank you for your rapid response

The images all work in word. they are png’s

Thanks - any further thoughts let me know, because I am working on a short timeframe. Is there a size limit for files?

Okay, try compiling as RTF to Word this time. It’s Scrivener’s native format, so that will remove any potential complications you may be having with the other formats.

This is really starting to scare me - U went through another attempt and received this error message.



this is the same location I have been saving to all along. Nothing on my computer or permissions with users has changed.

Another piece of information after the last fail, I reset the default for all the compilers in case something I had changed made it mad.

It is possible for permissions to get changed for one reason or another. The Mac is notorious for making a mess of permissions and breaking software and save locations, often in OS updates (there was one fairly recently). Short answer: even though you’re sure of it, I’d double-check the folder and make sure you can write to it. In addition to permissions, you may just be running out of space on the target disk, so check that too.

What do you mean by “mad”?

I’m also still wondering what will happen if you compile to HTML or PDF, but obviously we need to get it compiling first.

Mad was an attempt at humor, when I could not figure what else to .

PDF compile fin
RTF no images

HTML Compiles as well.

Oh I got it, and laughed.

Would it be possible to create a sample for us? We have eliminated all of the easy answers and common mistakes. Here is how I would do it:

  1. Create a new blank project in Scrivener, leaving the original open.
  2. Drag and drop two or three documents that contain images from the original project into the new one that you just created. Make sure they are in the Draft folder.
  3. Compile using the new test project, and open the RTF with MS Word to ensure that the problem persists in the test.
  4. Close the new project, and in Finder:
    [list=1][*] Right-click on the project.
  5. Select the “Compress ‘my file name’” option.
  6. After a moment, you’ll see a .zip file appear beside the project. Attach the .zip to an e-mail and send it to our support address. Attn: Ioa.
    Hopefully, I can load that on my system and get the same result you do and figure out what is going on from the source material.

Will do this - I was just thinking maybe I should try reinstalling. The permission thing is happening no matter where I try to save it. I have run disk utility and cleaned them up.

One the matter of fixing preferences, running Disk Utility is a good idea, so I’m glad you did that. However this tool will not impact your user folder areas, it just checks the system folders and fixes problems (mostly in folders you’d never go into normally). To check permissions in your user folder, you would click on the folder you are trying to compile to and use File/Get Info…, then check down in the “Sharing & Permissions” section. There should be one line with your user name in it, with “(Me)” appended to the name, and in the Privilege column, “Read & Write”. If you don’t see some or all of that, then click the lock icon, type in your password, and make the necessary changes—including adding yourself with the + button, if necessary.

Can you save to these folders with other programs, by the way? It could still be another problem entirely. This error message can trigger for reasons unrelated to permissions (mainly because we are blind to why something cannot save, all we get back from the Mac is a general error).

Permissions are set correctly. No problem with any other programs saving there. In fact I can save the pdf compile there.

Am really starting to have a few freak out moments here, not being able to figure this out. Don’t know why I would have permission to print in pdf and .mobi to the same disk from the same program without getting the same kind of error as when printing to RTF, or Word

Ok, I took the entire manuscript and split it into three manuscripts. I can print them all separately, but if I put two together and try to print, it looks like it is going through the compile motions, but then it takes me back to the set up screen.

To reiterate what I said earlier, we can’t really know if permission are at fault. All we know is that something caused save to fail—and permissions is by far the most common culprit—but is obviously not the culprit in this case, so we can abandon that line of enquiry.

Have you managed to send in a copy of the project yet? I can hopefully narrow this down quite quickly with that. I will try the 3-way split test you did as well.