Help importing endnotes from Word Doc

Hello, I am writing a non-fiction book that has hundreds of endnotes. However, when either trying to copy/paste my content into Scrivener one chapter at a time, or importing one chapter saved to it’s own file at a time, I can’t get the endnotes to import properly.

I need endnotes (not footnotes), and would like to export as a Kindle ebook format. Any ideas? I know how to add them all manually, but yikes… 600 endnotes… no thank you! :slight_smile:

Also, under what does the “Endnote Marker” do? That’s the only thing I’ve found for endnotes in Scrivener so far…

Thank you!

Your screenshot looks like what I would expect to see: you have inline notes, which can be formatted as either endnotes or footnotes by the Compile command. Exactly what is the issue?


I’m a scrub I guess. Any good starter templates for this for me to start with it? Or excellent EZ to follow guides? I’m having tons of issues when exporting to epub or mobi (text not centering, etc.)

If you haven’t already reviewed Scrivener’s interactive tutorial, start there.

Why are you using Scrivener for this project, though? If you already have a complete manuscript and are just trying to format it for publication, Scrivener is probably not the best tool for the job.


How can I convert them to Scrivener’s endnotes/footnotes system that shows up on the side with the inspect?

I am considering switching because in the ebook, it’s doing odd stuff like this: