Help in CRASH crisis!

Scrivener froze in itself and took my entire system down with it. I restarted and now the almost finished chapter shows a blank page!!! All other chapter are there, only the one I was working on disappeared completely. I really need HELP quickly - shouldn’t there be a back up somewhere - I had set it to save every two minutes, so how can just EVERYTHING disappear???
Thanks all!
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The following link may or may not be of assistance.

I would be hesitant to immediately conclude that Scrivener was the cause of the freeze/outage. Possible, but also quite possible is something else. It could be that Scrivener was the cause (fix via uninstall/reinstall?), file(s) in the project were or something else (hardware, other app or operatng system software) was the cause. Pinning that down is a process of elimination that can get complicated and time consuming (checking Windows event logs, running systems diagnostics, verifying have current/thorough antivirus protection, uninstalling unneeded/unrecognized/odd other software and plug-ins, fun, fun, fun…).

Hope that is of some help.