Help in dealing with flash drive and C:

Hi, I messed things up. Although I took at least 2 snapshots each time I worked, I now cannot find my latest version of the file. And so I am missing 2 scenes and 2 days of work. Aaagh

I messed it up because I have been going from working on the flash drive of my new laptop to working on the C: drive of my desktop. The issue is, when I call up the program on the desktop with the flashdrive in place, it default loads the last place I was on the desktop. The “recent projects” list has the story listed twice, without specifying which is which, so I then have to open both to see which is the most recent file.

On top of this difficulty, I now have the odd situation of not being able to find any snapshots on the list, although I took quite a few. Are the snapshot files only one scene, the one we are working on when we take them, or do that capture the whole project? If one scene, I ought to be able to find the missing scene on the list, unless I inadvertently overwrote the new file with the old file when I copied from C: to K: drive with copy and paste. (Yet the message gave newer dates, so how would I have known?)

I would really appreciate some guidance here. Working with Word, Notabene, Wordperfect and other writing tools, I’m always able to see the path of the file and the date and so choose the most recent version. The menu list in Scrivener doesn’t seem to provide that option.


Snapshots are indeed a function of each item in the binder, not the entire project, and they will not be displayed in the inspector unless you are looking at the item with the snapshots.

Displaying the path in the Recent Files menu is a good idea though. If and until this is fixed, I’d recommend using Ctrl-O to open projects instead of that menu, as it would then be very clear which copy you are accessing.