Help in finding latest Scriv back up?

Hi all - I’ve been through a 3 months nightmare with Apple’s Big Sur but end result is I had to wipe my machine and reload the OS. I backed my Scrivener project the day before and also backed up my hard drive to an external hard drive. Problem is, now I can’t find the CORRECT back up. There seem to be several of them, all dated 2020. Any info on how to search for the most recent back up so I can get it back into my Scrivener (which, when I reloaded it, came up completely empty). I’m so desperate. I have a year of work in that file. Thanks for any advice. Suzanne

If you used Scrivener to backup your projects (setup in Scrivener Preferences → Backup), the backups will have been put into *.zip files holding the entire project in compressed form.

I guess if I were in your situation, I’d use Finder to search for all *.zip files on the drive(s) you think you may find them. There are some good articles findable on the Internet for additional advice on searching with MacOS Finder.

I tell Scrivener to put all my backups in ~/Backups/Scrivener/ rather than using their default ∼/Library/Application Support/Scrivener/Backups location. The latter might be where yours are?

"Open­ing the folder where the backup files re­side and sort­ing them on Date Mod­i­fied, will turn up a list of files called * — where the as­ter­isk is your project name and # is a num­ber from 2 to a max­i­mum of 25 — per project for as long as you’ve used Scrivener.

If you have a full backup to an external drive, can’t you just recover the live project – not a backup – from that drive? It would be in the same location as it was on the original disk. Consult your backup software provider for instructions, but it should be straightforward: the whole point of a full drive backup is to allow easy recovery in exactly this situation.