[help] Integrating Antidote in your Windows workflow


I used to be a MacOS user of Scrivener 2. Antidote 9 ran smoothly (looks like being integrated), I was able to edit my text directly from within Scrivener, and the corrections of Antidote were automatically sent back to Scrivener. The perfect way it should work.
I recently had to change my computer, and couldn’t afford a new Apple computer (but it is another story) so I went back to a PC. I reinstalled Antidote, bought a new licence for Scrivener, and to my surprise, Antidote is no longer integrated in Scrivener.
I contacted Scrivener and Antidote’s teams, but both took note of my wish and proposed me to liaise back with the other software editor and to tell them I am interested in such an integration.
I did but at the moment, I’m still stuck.

So! My actual workflow is the actual:

  • I write in Scrivener.
  • When an editing urge appears, I “compile” my chapter into a rtf version
  • I open this rtf document in a software integrating Antidote (Libreoffice or Word)
  • I import the corrected document as a new scene/set/chapter in Scrivener (I also tried copying and pasting)

And you? What is your workflow to get Antidote and Scrivener both included in you writing/editing process?

Any magic turnaround?


Sorry for the very late answer, Olivier, this not much help, I admit… Anyway, I was not using Antidote 9 in my Scrivener workflow since it was too cumbersome, as you explained.

Antidote 10 brought no magic, other than you switching back to Mac - even though there were some issues (now resolved). Will the final version be compatible with Antidote ?-thread brings in some hope for the necessary application-level integration needed in Windows, so let’s hang on!

Meanwhile, I have started to use File->Sync->With External Folder in my Beta copying all Drafts in RTF-format to some of my DropBox, OneDrive, etc., cloud services and editing those, in one batch, with LibreOffice Write (or even with WordPad!) which integrates nicely with Antidote. Then I sync back. Not very practical but no cut and paste is needed.

When "the editing urge appears’, like you said, I work in collaboration - after the lonely writing need - and I was delighted to discover Antidote 10’s web application., It is very promising, One needs no Antidote or Scrivener installed, even DropBox site can be blocked by the corporate firewall and one can still work! (Provided that one can use text-only format.) I tested successfully all-web-browser-based editing and collaboration, then moved back to Scrivener and Sync’ed back. I hope this rings a bell with the Scrivener developers, there are other things than a COM SDK - Antidote already integrates with major browsers, See below diagram:

  1. Sync Scrivener (txt-format) with DropBox from your cherished computer with Scrivener and Antidote
  2. You (and your collaborators you share the file with) can edit the txt-format file on-line (http://write-box.appspot.com/) - here Firefox’s French spell checker is available which is certainly not any worse than the one in Scrivener - so why not write the entire scene on the browser?
  3. No matter what computer I use Antidote web application is available, integrating nicely with Firefox and Chrome, I had occasionally link issues, probably due to the beta version of the web application but even then the copy paste worked and I was able to save my work.
  4. Sync back to DropBox from the editor, Repeat with all scenes (files), then go home and sync your Scrivener project
  5. BTW, Dropbox gives free (as beer) Paper-application which one can use to plan and discuss with your collaborator(s) about the book. Optional step, of course.

Best regards,

Good morning,

have a look on what i received from Druide the 3 march 2020

to be translated in english :smiley: :


Nous donnons suite à votre requête.

L’utilisation simultanée d’Antidote et d’un logiciel tiers est le fruit d’une collaboration entre les deux éditeurs. Nous avons pris contact avec l’équipe de développement de Scrivener, mais n’avons pu conclure d’entente pour le développement d’un connecteur.

Nous vous invitons à joindre votre voix avec nous auprès de l’éditeur en signifiant votre intérêt d’utiliser les deux logiciels en même temps.


En participant à ce forum très actif, vous aurez une réponse rapide sur l’état d’avancement de ce projet d’intégration.[/u]

I bought your really expensive software, my plan is also to buy the future stable one for being good with professional project, so i whait for the connector for commercial purpose, because i also bought the soft from druide, the corrector in the scrivener app is not so good as i thought and i thing the project must go in the wastbin so it can accelerate your business to.

So i whait for a respond, have a nice day.

Ps: oh yes i will never use a web app, i don’t trust software in cloud, none of them. :imp:

Bonjour, Wan, et bienvenu!
Translation from French courtesy of Google:

Please be aware that this forum is primarily for the purpose of users helping other users. It is not a reliable way to contact Scrivener employees. But I hope that your request will ultimately be fulfilled.


could you say to me how can i contact the employees from scrivener ?

many thanks. :mrgreen:

https://www.literatureandlatte.com/contact-us. Please be aware that they are near the end of a long and complex process of creating an updated version of Scrivener for Windows, so they are not likely to be able to accommodate requests for features just now.