Help! Issues with uploading a book to IngramSpark

Hi - I have asked these questions at the tail end of other people’s threads on the same issues, but thought my questions might get a better chance of being seen if I started a new topic. Others have had these issues, and some help has been given but the solutions I’ve found here either haven’t worked or I don’t understand the advice given. So here goes.

  1. Epub file uploaded to Ingram, and I get the following error: [ERROR]OPS/contents.xhtml: 84,68: Undecleared prefix: ibooks.
    A couple of solutions were given:
  • “unzipping the ePub and deleting the ‘iBooks’ line and re-zipping.” Can someone give me a step-by-step on how to do this? I don’t know what “deleting the iBooks line” means.
    -" you can enable the Omit “landmark” guides setting, in the Table of Contents compile option tab, " I can’t find this “landmark guides setting”.
  1. PDF uploaded to Ingram for paperback version, and the following error popped up : PDF CONTAINS ICC COLOR PROFILES: We request files with no color profiles assigned. Please convert all colors to grayscale for black and white images, or CMYK for color images and remove all color profiles. Saving a new PDF with the default setting of PDF/X-1a:2001 will address the issue.
    I have selected “Optimize for print-on-demand services” when compiling for a PDF and have still got that same error. Should I have selected a different option under the PDF menu? In the Scrivener manual it says selecting this option saves the file as a PDF/X-3 but that doesn’t seem to be what Ingram wants.

Any help with either of these would be so appreciated. I’m hoping to publish June 1 so the clock is ticking on getting this all figured out.