HELP! It's all gone!

I was working on my project on the laptop. I had the great idea to dump it into my dropbox (yes, without reading the sync warnings, and other postings - stupid, believe me, I know). When I tried to pull it back out of drop box, I can’t find a .scriv file any where on my computer. I have some .rtfd files, but many are EMPTY & do not have my text in them, including the one that had my first 3 chapters! I’m crushed! How can I figure out where my data went & how to get it back together again?!

Okay, update: I just found it, but it’s still, well, wonky… As a general matter, if you only had rtfd’s to work with, how would you put them back together? just import each? it seemed like that captured my headings but not my content… Thanks!

Did you perhaps move this folder in to/out of Dropbox while the project was open? That could result in only pieces of the project scattered about. Hopefully you know the drill by now, but putting something in Dropbox doesn’t move it off of your computer. It’s okay to work off of it from there and just leave it there. All that does is tell Dropbox to monitor it and keep the server (and any attached computers) constantly up to date. So you don’t need to move it in and then back out unless you are done sharing it.

If you do only have pieces scattered due to an open-project move, you might want to select all three (or two) fragment collections and duplicate them so you have a backup to go to in case trying to fix things makes it worse. Then examine the contents of both, and move the pieces from the smaller one into the larger one, overwriting the files there. This should be done from oldest to newest. So if you have three fragments, bring in the older fragments first, then the newer ones. Once you have them all together in one spot, try opening that.