HELP - JUST DELETED A "PART FOLDER" which housed half my manuscript and can't undo

help if anyone is available – I just deleted a ’ part’ folder that contained half my manuscript. Anyone know if/where I can find a backup? Just did it 20 minutes ago,

Look in the trash

No document/folder is ever really deleted unless you double confirm by emptying the trash folder.



I don’t see the whole ’ part’ section I just deleted there?

Was is a part in the binder or a big chunk of text in the editor?

Whatever you do don’t close your project for now.

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I found it. God bless you I was freaking out. I mean it – thank you so much!!!


Now, go have a look in the manual, the section about Backups. :wink:

Set it up if not already.

Losing a manuscript is the worse of nightmares. (I presume – I have my backups set like a paranoid, I’ve never lost anything.)

(Apologies if it sounds patronizing, it is not my intention, but the best possible advice at the moment.)


Not patronizing at all - well said thx VV

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Some people advocate storing story scraps/discarded files in the trash. I don’t for the reason that Vincent said. When delete something goes to trash, but must empty trash to permanently delete files from scrivener. Save any partial or discarded scenes in their own folder and this forces you to send to the trash and then empty the trash (two steps) to remove from the project.