Help! lost data!

I have a problem transfering to the new version. When I updated I lost a lot of data. I’m using the Windows version and a huge chunk of my data is gone. ’

I’ve tried to open the older version, but it tells me my trial period has expired. When I try entering my registration, it tells me it’s incorrect.

Is there anything I can do?

You can contact the customer support email to retrieve the license for the old version of Scrivener (I’m assuming you had paid for one, by your phrasing).

When you say “data”, do you mean the words in your main editor, or metadata (synopses, status, keywords, etc…)? In any event, once you have the old version installed, you should try using File->Save As, to create a fresh copy of your project, and then open that one in version 3 for converting. That might clear away some of whatever is causing it to stop converting all of your project.

If all else fails, you could use the old version to compile to a single document, and then start with a blank project in version 3, import the compiled document, and then drag in any research files you can’t live without…