Help - lost MS folder

Hi I’m not quite sure what I did but when fiddling about trying to select the outliner contents - I was using group - I accidentally made the files (a whole novel) go in a new folder - instead of the MS folder. Now I can’t make them go back in or compile or anything. I have ungrouped and deleted the new folder - but how do I get them back in the MS? Thanks.

Think I’ve managed to do it - I’ve grouped the chapters and scenes. It puts them in a new folder which I’ve placed back in the MS folder, then I can delete the new folder? Hopefully it will then behave as before?

But I don’t know how to get rid of the folder!

Problem with MS folder.jpg

Thanks for the screenshot, that helps a lot.

It looks like you just need to select all of the contents of “New Folder”, but not that folder itself. Then drag the selection up to Manuscript (or for more precision, use the Documents->Move->Move Left menu command). To select all the documents, click once on Title Page, then scroll down to the last file or folder that is under “New Folder” and SHIFT-click on it.

Once you have everything at the same level as the “New Folder”, you can drag it to the trash folder in Scrivener, or you can click on the folder and SHIFT-delete to send it to the trash.

Wonderful - worked like a dream. Thanks so much, Robert!