Help! Lost work after moved live file from removeable disc to One Drive

Help! I moved my live file from my D drive to my One drive and now all the work is lost :frowning: :sob: :sob: :sob:
Now when I open Scrivener there’s nothing there and looks like a new file. The live file was backed up but I don’t know where to find it. Can you help?

First, the chances are quite small that you have lost your work, especially if you have automatic backups on, which I believe it is by default.

In Scrivener, go to File → Options → Backup, and that should show you where your backups are located by default. The back up from the last time you closed the project should be in there. Alternately, if you set up a special backup folder for this project, you should be able to find it under Projects->Project Settings->Backup.

So that’s your insurance policy. Now…

When you moved the “live file” from D to One Drive, did you move the entire folder, e.g., “Project-Name.scriv”? OR: Did you just move the file named “Project-Name.scrivx”? If the latter, that would account for what you are seeing.

A Scrivener project consists of the entire folder with the “.scriv” extension.

Ok thank you! I’ll do it strep by step then let you know.

Many thanks :blush: