Help - Mac Newb All at Sea

Usually, I pay attention to user manuals, but life has thrown a few spanners in the works, and my ability to concentrate has gone to the dogs. May I therefore ask for some assistance with the following:

I have been using Scrivener for Windows from pretty much the get go and thought I had a good grasp of how it worked. However, my Windows laptop died and I have had to look to working on my Macbook.

At the moment I am just trying to aclimate myself to the different look and feel and am coming unstuck. On windows I had set up the editor to show hardly any margins and barely any tabs. The settings on Mac confine my text to a narrow strip in the middle. Plainly I am doing something wrong, because whenever I click on the tabs to move the margins to left and right, nothing seems to happen. I reaise this is likely because of my naive and still limited grasp of the mac system, but any input you can provide would be most appreciated. I know I can use full screen mode, but that has always been of meh appeal to me.


I may be misunderstanding you but are you talking about Page View where you have a lot of space between the binder and your text?

If so, go to View>Text Editing>Hide Page View

If not, I’ll shut up! :smiley:

Thank you. That entirely escaped me.

There’s no pleasing some people. Now any idea how I change the ruler to show centimetres not inches?

Go to Preferences>Editing and you’ll see Ruler Units (3rd option from the top).