help manual

Hi all,
I have a problem, and I was hoping someone might be able to help me. I have changed laptops. The one I have now is an EliteBook 6930 which I bought second hand. My problem is it won’t convert my help manual in Scrivener. I have followed the direction as regards going to options, convert file, coded text and so on. But nothing works. I know it’s not Scrivener’s fault, because my last laptop, which crashed and couldn’t be repaired, had no problem handling the large help manual. I’ve got windows 7.
Can anyone tell me what I don’t have? :confused:
Many thanks,

Are you trying to compile your manuscript from Scrivener? Or are you trying to open Scrivener’s user manual? The latter is a PDF file, so you could be having trouble with that if you haven’t installed a PDF reader on your machine yet. Once you have a default application set for opening PDF files, it should open automatically when you select Scrivener Manual from the help menu.

If you’re having an error trying to compile your own work, could you explain what format you’re compiling to (RTF, DOC, PDF, etc.) and what exactly happens when you try to compile the project?

Hello Jennifer,
Thank you for this. My problem is trying to access the help manual when I’m in Scrivener. I’m working on a novel. No problem with that, everything’s fine. The problem I have, is that when I click on Help and then on the scrivener help manual it brings it up in code. I downloaded adobe pdf to the laptop (it didn’t have it) but it made no difference. The adobe pdf is sitting on the desktop screen on my computer but doesn’t seem to be ‘interacting’ with scrivener. Hope this helps. I’m reasonably competent, but I never had any problems like this with my old laptop.