Help: Manually creating internal document links in Scrivener iOS

I did a search in this forum for manually creating internal document links when using Scrivener iOS and wasn’t able to find any tips. So, please excuse me if this has been asked before. I’m currently travelling so don’t have my laptop; only my iPad.

I understand that Scrivener on iOS doesn’t really have the ability to internally link an internal document to another. However, I read that it is possible to create these links manually which while they won’t work in Scrivener iOS will nevertheless work properly once the project is open on Scrivener macOS.

So that’s what I want to do. In one document, I want to manually create an internal link that points to another internal document within the same project. At this point, I don’t mind that the link doesn’t work on Scrivener iOS, but I would want to see it work when I re-open the file in Scrivener macOS when I’m back on my laptop at home.

Hi msackeygh,

You’ve been misled. :exploding_head: iOS Scrivener does have the ability to create and use internal document links.

This is referenced in the iOS Scriv Tutorial. From the projects page, go Help > Tutorial.

From there, see the Draft > The Main Interface > The Editor page, where the bulleted section Links contains an overview of creating and using document links.

Basically, you use the Extended Keyboard Row to create internal document links, by pressing the link imageicon.


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Oooh! Ok, thank you. Maybe I was confused in reading up about older versions of Scrivener? Who knows :slight_smile:

It’s still easier to navigate and find information on a Mac than iPad OS.

But thank you again!! :slight_smile:

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