Help me with the index for Tesis Doctoral

I am new user of Scrivener 2.1. I need your help to learning to create contend tables with the scrivener:
Title 1…1
Title 2…2
Title 3…3

Also, I have some problems whit the footer (or footnotes?). When I insert a footnote, this appear in the end the document and not in the end the each page.

Best regards :smiley:


For an actual table of contents you’ll probably want to use your word processor. There is a simple ToC production tool which is described in Ch. 22 (pg. 281) of the User Manual PDF (Help menu). It will create dynamically numbered ToC for word processors that fully support the RTF specification; but the entries themselves are static and will not change if you adjust your Binder.

Footnotes: only RTF supports footnotes. Be sure to open your files in a word processor that can read footnotes, too. Most can; Pages, TextEdit, and many Cocoa-based programs cannot.