Help Menu won't stay open

If I click on the Scrivener Help menu, it appears for a moment and then promptly disappears rather than staying open as it should. If I click and hold, it will stay open. If I click on the Window menu to the left of it, that will stay open and then I can mouse over to the Help menu and it will stay open. But not if I just click it. I have tried clicking using both the trackpad and an external mouse, same result. Problem persists through system reboots.

Currently running Scrivener 2.2 under Mac OS 10.6.8

Do you have the same problem in other programs? It almost sounds as though you have a key sticking or something else that is intercepting one of the menu commands.

Nope. It’s only Scrivener and it’s only that menu.


It looks like a conflict with another piece of software called “RightZoom”.

Sorry to waste your time.


Glad you got it sorted!
All the best,