Help, my chapter disappeared!

I’m hoping someone can help me find a missing chapter. I’m working on a Macbook Air with Mac OS 10.5.1. I was working on the chapter and then,wanting to make a note on a clean page, hit command-N. I thought it would simply give me a page for the note and then I could return to my chapter. But alas, the chapter is no where to be found. When I open the name in the file, I get a much earlier version, without all of my elegant changes! Where is the chapter as it was just before I hit command-N?
Thank you all. :frowning:

I’ve just replied to your e-mail about this.

Hi Keith,

Your reply did not arrive. I’m new to forums, so I suppose you are talking about the email I included in my profile and not a “private message.” Correct? Could you send it again to I’m pretty desperate here!

This is the reply I sent:

Hi Jason,

Cmd-N creates a new document within your project, so will present you within a blank document. It is created below whichever file is selected in the binder. Unless you have deleted the other file, it should still be there. You can either find it and select it in the binder, or hit the back button above the editor to return to it from the new document.

All the best,