Help! My files are empty!

I just tried to open a recent project to add a note and my heart dropped into my stomach when I saw that 80% of the folders and files in the binder are EMPTY. The headings are there, but the content of those files is gone. This includes the entire outline of a five-part series, character sketches, photos of settings, you name it - over three years of work!

I save my projects to my computer and the Cloud, and I regularly backup to a thumb drive. It doesn’t matter which version of this project I open, these fies are empty in all of them.

Please, please, please tell me you can help me recover these files! I am just gutted over this.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give me!

Whatever the cloud service is that you’re using; you need to research how to make it download all files & folders from the cloud. I can’t guarantee that will solve the issue, but it’s likely that your data is up in the cloud, and not on your hard drive. Scrivener has to have all of its files on the drive, and will not work with the “download on demand” model that some of these services provide in order to free up space on your drive.

This thread may help, especially the retrieving from back up: