Help - my status colors have disappeared in my binder

I have a scrivener file I’ve been working with for a year. Out of the blue, my status colors disappeared across all 115 scenes in the binder!! If I go to corkboard for a chapter, I can see that the scenes are still color-coded properly, it’s just that the binder no longer shows that piece of information. Did I inadvertently turn this function off? Thanks!

Hi lgfrie,

You wrote Status color, but you I think you mean Label color.

You probably turned it off, see View > Use Label Color in, and select Binder.

Also, F5 toggles it, that’s likely what you hit by accident.


Actually, I just had that happen to me this morning, too. Never had it happen before in years of working with Scrivener. Thought about the recent updates and wondered if perhaps that was a potential cause, so I came here.

I recognize you can inadvertently turn the labels on and off, but in my case I have Windows automatically open Scrivener when it boots up and definitely did not touch the keyboard. After a moment of panic, I restored the backup I keep and the labels reverted back to the colors I set.

There is something more at work here, it’s not a coincidence I don’t think.