HELP... My Work Is GONE!!

Three chapters into my novel and saving my work every break to ensure it’s safety, I closed down and restarted Scrivener to give it a fresh start. A few of my words are there but the rest is covered in big black lines. It almost looks like a highlighter in black but I have turned the highlighter off several times and tried changing the color also but nothing. It is all gone! Can someone please help me retrieve all my hard work?

Hi nykimack,

Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

By any chance, do you keep your projects on DropBox? Are you syncing between multiple PC’s or iPads or any other devices?

I’d like to confirm exactly what you did here. What I would do is select all of the text in a document and right-click on the selected text, then select Highlight Color > Remove Color.

Is that what you did? If you do that, does anything change?


Hi Jim,

Thank you so much for responding. I am using only one device, my computer with windows 10. I do not know what happened. I saved my work every time I got up to walk away just in case, but after writing two chapters I thought I would restart Scrivener to start fresh for chapter three and that is how it opened. Apparently, it had saved the work that way.

I tried to turn the highlight off after I calmed down a bit lol. There was no highlight on, and I turned it on to different colors but nothing worked. I closed Scrivener and started it again, this time it changed the highlight color and after that, I was able to turn it off.

Talk about having a meltdown!

Thank you again so much and hopefully, this may help someone else who encounters this issue.

Best Wishes,