Help! Need Someone to Help With Compiling etc.

After 18 months of writing my story (133,000 words) and 3 months of proofing I have arrived at a brick wall. I see that it needs to be compiled, find a platform before submitting to e-books thru I don’t know which company. So, I need to find someone or a service to help me finish that process. I am unable to do so, totally illiterate when it comes to this process. I of course am willing to pay for said service or even a percentage of the sales. The story is a record of my wife (recently passed away) and my sailboat voyage thru the Caribbean for a period of 7 years. Before passing she told me that this “adventure” was her favorite of all experienced over 53 years of marriage. I was then compelled to write our story and finished four days before her passing after 10 years of illness. is there anyone out there that can help? I appreciate your consideration in this matter.


(laughing on the outside, crying on the inside)

I know enough about compiling to put out a decent epub/mobi, but it took months to figure even that much out. There were more swear words emanating from my den than ever before in history.

I took a couple Udemy courses, but I didn’t learn that much there.

No, not laughing at you. Your story is beautiful, if heartbreaking. I think you might be a storyteller.

I am happy to share with you the little bit I have learned. Send me a chapter, I’ll plug it into my format, and we’ll see what emerges. Then you can tweak it from there.