Help!!! Need to recover replaced project (file). How to find it?

I am new to Scrivener. Saw a message that I had saved my project in the wrong place. When I moved it, I inadvertently replaced the latest version of the project, which (I had forgotten) and had correctly saved. Now the latest version is gone. How to find it? Much work is lost unless I can retrieve the replaced project.

I wouldn’t panic quite yet! Most likely you closed the correct project recently, which means Scrivener will have created a backup of it in that state under its default settings. Refer to §5.2.4, Restoring from Backups, in the user manual PDF for instructions on how to find and restore the correct version. Note that since you’ve probably closed two project with the same name, the correct one might be the second oldest project in the backup list.

While following these instructions, make sure your backup folder is set to a location that is not in the way. This warning you refer to means that a live project ended up in that folder somehow. Ironically, the action that you took to overwrite the newer project is almost precisely what you would do to restore a project from that backup folder—so in a way you already know what to do, you just have to make sure you do it with the right version. :slight_smile:

Thanks AmberV. I did find the project inadvertently deleted - by using icloud. Finding Scrivener a bit hard to navigate but loving this forum for the info and the sense of community.

Glad to hear you found it!

If you haven’t already checked it out, there is an interactive tutorial in the Help menu, and we also have a bunch of video tutorials, if you prefer that format.