Help needed! Can't view any of my work.

Hi, I was wondering if anybody could help me. My computer got a virus so I reinstalled windows. Before this I created a back up of my project, but when I open it now there is no text! All the folder names are there but there is nothing in the actual folders. Have I lost all my work? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

So the MyProject.scriv\Files\Docs folder is completely empty, along with all other folders beneath the top level one? Is this the case on the backup, or on the restored copy that is currently on your computer? I’d check the backup software and see if they are there—maybe the restore just didn’t work right. If the folders are empty on the backup too, then go into the backup of your AppData\Local\Scrivener\Backups folder and look for a bunch of .zip files. There should be a sequence of .zip files for every project. These get created whenever you close a project (by default), so you should find the last version there.