Help needed to install

I’m a new Mac user so this could be an error on my part - but I have downloaded and installed software successfully up to now.

I’ve downloaded Scrivener and placed the icon in the applications folder. Clicking on the file produces a box asking if I want to buy or try, and the Scrivener icon appears in the dock.

When I click on ‘try’ the dialogue box disappears, leaving the dock icon and nothing on the screen. Clicking in the dock does nothing.

After browsing other similar threads in this forum I repaired permissions - no difference. I’m sure fonts are okay - I’ve only had my iMac a week and haven’t altered anything signficant to be best of my knowledge. I’ve trashed the first download and started over but got the same results.

I’m running a 20" iMac with Intel Core Duo and Tiger 10.4.8.

I really hope we can sort this - when I read the review in this week’s MacUser I thought I’d finally found an application that worked in the way I wanted to work, rather than training myself to use the features of a word processor. I’ll finally get my writing projects out of my head and into the world.

Anything else I can do? And anything else anyone needs to know about my setup - just ask.


Hi Ian,

After the dialog box disappears, look for either a Scrivener icon or the name Scrivener in the upper left hand corner of your menu bar. If it’s there, you’ve successfully loaded the program. You should be able to click the menu bar at that location and pull down a menu to help you get started.

Your first visit should be to the tutorial, but to work with it, you’ll have to drag its icon (from the disk image that was created when you installed the program) to your desktop.

Hope this helps,


Hi Ian, it sounds as though Tim has answered your question, but just to clarify:

When you first open Scrivener, all you will see is the Scrivener menu at the top. Because Scrivener works with projects, you need to create a project before you can work with it. Project files are a little different to document files such as Word or TextEdit uses, in that they contain a lot of separate files within them, so whereas with TextEdit or Word and numerous other apps you are presented with a blank window in which to work, in Scrivner you first have to create a project.

Go to File > New Project, and follow the assistant steps to create a project where you want on disk. Then you will be all set to go.

I recommend you drag the Tutorial.scriv project from the DMG into your Documents folder (or wherever you want on disk) too, and open it either by double-clicking on it or via (File > Open) in Scrivener, and run through it before starting your own projects.

The next time you launch Scrivener, it will automatically open any projects you had open when it was last open.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Thank you so much, guys, for your help. I was expecting to see more than the menu bar and I guess I’m still getting used to how menus work on the Mac :slight_smile:

Off to go through the tutorial now. It’s great to get such prompt, friendly and helpful responses.

Freedom and love,

Kieth can’t say this, but I can. Welcome to the wonderful world of Scrivener. If you’ve been looking for software designed by a writer for writers, you’ve come to the right place. Scriv has changed my life. I’m working more productively and more happily than ever before.

Kieth has done a superlative job, to be sure, but the benefits of owning Scrivener go far beyond the talents of Mr. B. You’ll find this forum a wonderful resource, full of helpful people who know not only about the travails of writing, but also a helluva a lot about Scrivener, the Mac, and other useful software. It’s a real pleasure to have my morning coffee here.

Hope to see you often,


Thanks Tim - and thanks Keith for creating this.

I love going to a local coffee bar in the mornings and getting my thoughts together in my Moleskin notebook. Of course I’ll then have to come back and transfer notes into Scrivener … hmmm I seem to be moving towards my second Mac already don’t I? One that can come had have coffee with me (and the forum)… better get some more work done then :smiley: